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  Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Can I use Kutools to split 1 word file into 300 subfiles, where I assign the name of the file by using the titel of a paragraph or another field?
3 years ago
You can use the linux bash core utility split
split -b 1M -d  file.txt file 
Note that M or MB both are OK but size is different. MB is 1000 * 1000, M is 1024^2
If you want to separate by lines you can use -l parameter.
a=(`wc -l yourfile`) ; lines=`echo $(($a/12)) | bc -l` ; split -l $lines -d  file.txt file
Another solution as suggested by Kirill, you can do something like the following
split -n l/12 file.txt
Note that is l not one, split -n has a few options, like N, k/N, l/k/N, r/N, r/k/N.
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