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  Tuesday, 14 December 2021
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I am working on a pay plan. The city does not want to change the rates of the employee on their anniversary date. They want to only change rates once a year. I do not agree with this. The pay plan is for every 4 years of service the employee gets a pay rate increase. What i am needing is a way to flag when an employee is due for a rate increase. My thought was to look at a pay period and if an employee's anniversary date is within that pay period, their name is put into a separate column. There are some employees who have the same hire date. I have used =LOOKUP(2,1/($K$2<=C2:H63)/($L$2>=C2:H63),$A$2:$A$63) and i get some results but it doesn't give me multiple names or look at every column. The other issue with this formula is that its not automatic and will need to be update as time goes on. Im open to any suggestions. I also have conditional formatting to highlight the dates that are within this year that mark out the rate increases.
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