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  Tuesday, 15 February 2022
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Hello.  I am trying to link a field in one worksheet from another worksheet within the same workbook (file).  They both have Date formats and the formula works well with a proper date inserted and using the formula ='Source Worksheet'C2!, in the resultant workbook field.  However, when the source field is blank I get the following in the resultant field, 1900-01-00.  Both fields use the same format for Date, yyyy-mm-dd.

How may I link the two fields and have a blank field as a result if the Source Field is empty?

Thanks & Best Regard, Bill
1 year ago
Hi Bill,

You can add the IF and ISBLANK functions to the target cell: =IF(ISBLANK('Source Worksheet'C2!),"",'Source Worksheet'C2!)

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