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  Saturday, 12 February 2022
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I have a question for number "0" in cells
I have a series of cells which contains numbers like 123 but also 001 or 08...
I know how to make them visible in a cell, so far so good.
But then in the end I need to show these cells in a combined format into another cell.
It's important to me that these cells are showed exactly the same as Later I need that 12 figures to convert to a OGM format.

Cells A1 B1 D1 E1 all contains number 1... with formula in cell F1 =A1 Schermafbeelding2022-02-12om09.33.28.png [attachment]Schermafbeelding2022-02-12om09.27.39.png[/attachment]
2 years ago
Hi DiLucca68,

You can use the Format Cells feature of Excel. To do so, please make sure that the numbers in the cells do not contain other characters but only numbers you want to show. Then please do as follows:

1. Select all the cells that contain numbers.
2. Press Ctrl + 1 to open the Format Cells window.
3. Under the tab Number, select Text in the Category list.
4. Click OK.

Now you will see the result below:
  text format.png

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