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  Friday, 24 August 2018
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Since I installed OfficeTab (v13.10) I frequently have the case that Excel doesn't shut down properly and remains there as zombie process that keeps the last file(s) locked. I typically notice that only when trying to re-open a previously edited file which then is declared as currently locked. I then have to locate the hanging Excel instance in TaskManager, kill it and only then I can re-open the file. Pretty tedious!
3 years ago
The office is a Subscription Product Office 365 Personal not preloaded.
There are no Office products listed in the Start-up tab in Task Manager.
I have since killed the previous Outlook Profile and created a new profile.
No Change to the spurious office programs preventing Outlook 365 from starting.
I then ran a Full windows security scan from Windows defender.
Nothing untoward found.
I then ran a OffLine windows security scan from Windows defender.
I did not see or find the results of this action log.
However without doing anything else my original problem has disappeared.
5 years ago
Please try to disable all the other add-ins in your Excel add-ins manager.
Please try to contact us via with detailed information of the issue.
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