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  Sunday, 26 July 2020
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Tab Colors.jpg

Hi there,

The image above is what i think the tab colors should look like.

There are many problems with the current colors with OfficeTab.

First, many of the colors dont mix well with the font color. For instance, if i choose dark red then the black font color is barely visible. This completely does not make sense.

Second, the colors are scattered and dont hold a unified theme.

Third, when selecting a workbook after giving it a color then it is difficult to tell which workbook is selected because only the font becomes bold as opposed to the background also changing colors.

So my suggestion for any future releases would be to create 8 hues and then split them into two sets, one blackened and one whitened. With this configuration the user can select all the light colors for the tabs background and when a tab is made active then it inverts colors by becoming the same hue but with a dark background. Inversely, you can have the inactive tabs with the dark background and the active tab with the light background. This may be more appropriate for a dark Excel theme color.

In both cases, the font color will be black when the background is light and white when the background is dark.

For the shades of gray colors you can add a light and dark gray.

And of course the active sheet should be in bold.

Note, to get the colors right you cant just create 8 hues and then change their blackness and whiteness evenly since colors are not uniform by nature. So there is some playing around that is required.

Also, if the issue with the colors varying from one display to another creates uneven looking colors then why not just throw in a color wheel for the font and background so the user can select whatever they want. That will also work out.

Nonetheless, to me the color configuration i presented just makes a lot of sense. Your current color configuration does not make any sense as i have no idea how its implementation was accepted. My apologies for being blunt.

In conclusion, i hope you acknowledge my suggestion and take it into consideration since it would be in your best interest to make the change.

Thank you.

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