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  Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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I just discovered Office Tabs and promptly downloaded/installed it. Having a row of tabs in Excel is fantastic. Thanks a bunch for building this add-on.

Some questions:

1) Is there a way to hide file extensions (ie .xlsx or .xlsm) in the Tabs? I realize the extension is part of a file name but displaying them doesn't seem to add anything (since I already know I'm in Excel). However, I commonly have a dozen or more workbooks open and including an extension in each Tab adds a significant amount of width to the Tab row which I'd really like to free up.

2) What does the * displayed in some tabs signify?

3) I'm still running Office 2010 and one of the main reasons was my discovering that later versions no longer allowed you to open multiple workbooks in a single instance of Excel (to share a common ribbon and QAT*, etc). Since installing Office Tabs, I've noticed that while a Tab is present for each workbook in a given Excel instance, tabs are not present for workbooks open in a different instance. Therefore, I'm wondering how Office Tabs works in Excel 2013 and later where, as far as I understand, each workbook opens in its own instance.

A suggestion to consider for a future version of Office Tabs

I'd love to again have the option to see a more compact list of recent workbooks (ie similar to the appearance in Excel 2007 and earlier versions). I found a page showing how it looked here (2nd screenshot): That appearance was unfortunately replaced (in Excel 2010) with a much expanded list showing the file name on one row and its directory on a second row (which is redundant since you can easily see the directory by mousing over the filename).

I realize that Microsoft, at that time, was focused on making the appearance of their apps more compatible with touchscreens, but it was to the detriment of those who continue to use a mouse.

Thanks and thanks again for the great app.

*QAT = Quick Access Toolbar
6 years ago
Thanks for the feedback.

For the # 1, we don't have such option yet.
For the # 2, * to indicate the file which has been updated or modified.
For the # 3, please try to open new workbook with the Open in new window or go to

For the suggestion, we will recommend you to display the tab bar to the left or right side, you will get the more space to display the tab name.

Thanks in advance.
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